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Bucharest Hop-on Hop-off Sightseeing Bus

The hop on hop off bus is a very entertaining and quick way of discovering Bucharest for all ages…READ MORE

therme bucharest

If you are in Bucharest and are looking for a nice place to relax for a few hours, the perfect spot is Therme…READ MORE


In Bucharest you can find some of the most interesting collections of historical artifacts and scientific exhibitions…READ MORE

Rooftop Restaurants

My personal favourite place to eat traditional food in old town, it is cheap and good….READ MORE

Caru cu Bere

Best Dinner Restaurants in Bucharest. Here are the top restaurants with Romanian cuisine in central Bucharest…

Barca restaurant

The options available for or vegans in Bucharest are very limited, but compared to a decade ago, there are a few nice places which cater to this group….READ MORE


You want to make sure that you check out the best that the city has to offer. But where do you start? Which are the must see places in Bucharest?…READ MORE

Top Cafés in Bucharest

A city that has been described as ‘little Paris’ or ‘Paris of the East’, coffee culture in Bucharest is well developed and lively…READ MORE


The city is packed with museums, great shops and other fascinating places where you can enjoy your time even when it’s raining outside…READ MORE


Now that you are in Romania you will need to use the local currency: the LEU. This means that in cash you will need to pay in the Romanian currency almost anywhere you go….READ MORE


During our daily encounters with travelers from all around the world, we are often inquired about the hiking trails in the Carpathian Mountains….READ MORE

How to travel by train in Romania

Whether you want to visit Transylvania, Bucovina, the seaside or go across the border, this is where you can find a train to take you directly there…READ MORE

easter in romania

Easter is the biggest religious celebration in the Christian world. In Romania, the majority of people are Christian (over 90%)


A week before Orthodox Easter, Christian Orthodox all over the world – Romania included – are celebrating Palm Sunday…READ MORE


At the Visitor Center, you will be provided with useful maps and plenty of information of Bucharest for free…READ MORE