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Your friendly guide in Bucharest

BTrip Bucharest Tours is a team of friendly, travel enthusiast and qualified local tour guides based in Bucharest, Romania.
We have travelled extensively through our country and experienced all aspects of its culture.


What we do and our mission

That is why we want to show you both Bucharest and Romania the same way that we discovered and fell in love with them.
We are here to help you enjoy the best possible travel experience possible.
Besides this, we are not only your guides in Bucharest, we also want to be your local friends

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We speak your language

As a team, we are speaking 6 languages and with a combined 60 years experience in the guiding industry, there is nothing that we don’t know about Romania or Bucharest.


We guided people from all around the world

After more than 20.000 satisfied guests and 1800 tours provided, we launched an atypical travel agency. Hence we are at the service of anyone who wants to explore Romania and Bucharest.
Check out the website to find our standard tours, or contact us for a custom experience.

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Do not hesitate to ask for the craziest adventure, because we do our best to put it together.
We hosted tours for corporate events, family excursions, groups of friends, bachelor parties, or any other combination of positive and open minded people.

Meet our team

Stefania-free tours bucharest

BTrip Tour Guide


Hello! I am a full time licensed guide and I can tell you that I enjoy every moment of it. Bucharest, the city where I live, is a constant source of inspiration and awe due to its past, architecture, culture and people, something I would love to share with you and make sure that you take in the best that this city has to offer.

Having a BA in Marketing and a MA in European Studies, I have used the knowledge obtained to paint a comprehensive image of Romania during my tours, which allowed my tourists to understand various aspects of life here. From my travelling experiences, I believe that the best way to discover a foreign city during a short trip is by talking to a local guide, who can show the essence of it and identify the parts that are best suited for you.

The tours I can arrange are highly adaptive, according to your needs, interests and time available in the city

Maria-free tours bucharest

BTrip Tour Guide


“Hello everyone!
My name is Maria and I’m a proud, proud member of this cool project called BTrip Bucharest!
Besides being a licenced guide, I’m also a history, travel and people enthusiast.
I moved to Bucharest 8 years ago and ever since I’ve been in love with this city and its history.
So come along and I’ll tell you everything about it!”

bianca-free tours bucharest

BTrip Tour Guide


“Hello people of the internet,
Welcome to the BTrip website!
My name is Bianca and I’m one of the guides, obviously. I come from Constance (it’s a city by the seaside–lovely place, you should visit). I moved to Bucharest a few years ago for college, got a BA in English and then discovered BTrip by chance (thanks to the internet). The team graciously agreed to give me a shot and I realized it’s a perfect fit. Two things I’ve always loved are human stories and roaming around the city streets. Being a guide allowed me to discover so much more of this city’s history- it’s beautiful and intricate, yet only slightly deranged.
I hope I get to share it with you offline.”

Constantin-free tours bucharest

BTrip Tour Guide


BTrip Tour Guide


Sever-free tours bucharest

BTrip Tour Guide

Sever - Ioan

Hi there, Sever – Ioan here! A bucharestian by birth and family tree, I came back to my city after one year as a journalist in mysterious Transylvania. I love to share with you the best places of my birth place: I am seasoning the best sights of Bucharest with the history of my country -before, during and after communism-, with my personal and family stories, as well with some of the best places to enjoy the flavours of our delicious Romanian foods and drinks.

Eager to become your guide in my city,

yours truly
Sever – Ioan

Cristina-free tours bucharest

BTrip Tour Guide


Gema-free tours bucharest

BTrip Tour Guide


Alice-free tours bucharest

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Why BTrip Bucharest Tours?

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The Best Travel Experiences

Travel like you mean it and don’t just see the city, live the city with BTrip Bucharest free walking tours

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Local Knowledge

As a team, we are speaking 6 languages and with a combined 60 years experience in the guiding industry, there is nothing that we don’t know about Romania or Bucharest.

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Dates, times, number of participants, budget… We work around your needs and ideas for create the event you want

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