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Romanian Revolution / Real stories / Palace of the Parliament

Communism vs Monarchy Free Tour
free walking tour

The Communism vs Monarchy free tour is not just “walking history”.
But it is a stroll full of intriguing stories and happenings.
Ultimately they all left their mark on the architecture, streets and spectacular landmarks of Bucharest.
Join us to find a city of remarkable contrasts

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Availability – Every Day

Starting time – 17:00 ( 5PM)

Duration – 2 – 2.5 Hours

Language – English

Booking – is necessary

Price – donations appreciated

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Communism vs Monarchy tour

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    Tour sights

    The Romanian Athenaeum –
    meeting and first stop

    Equestrian Statue Of King Carol

    Revolution Square

    Victoria Avenue

    Casa Capsa Cakery

    Cismigiu Garden

    Dambovita River

    Communist neighborhoods

    Parliament Palace – last stop


    Get a deep insight into Bucharest’s Communist era on a free walking tour

    Will see the second largest administrative building in the world – the Parliament Palace

    Discover how a communist dictator demolished and changed an entire city

    Hear personal stories about life behind the Iron Curtain from our guides

    Learn how Bucharest needed just 50 years of monarchy to become the Paris of the East

    We will visit the oldest garden in Bucharest, The Cismigiu Park

    What’s included?

    Local professional guide

    Tourist map of Bucharest.

    Traditional Romanian souvenir

    What to expect

    Splendid Belle Epoque structures standing on the Victoria Avenue, the first street in the world illuminated with oil lamps. Known as the Little Paris of the East by the travelers of the 19th century, Bucharest was occupied by foreign armies in World War I, heavily bombed in World War II, shaken by major earthquakes and finally came under the Iron Curtain
    In the late part of the 20th century “The city of Joy” was surrounded by oppression, terror and hunger, under one of the strictest communist regimes in Europe.
    In front of the intimidating Palace of the Parliament you will learn how the second largest administrative building in the world was built.
    Relive the Romanian Revolution by standing in the square where the most blood was shed in December 1989, which culminated with the death of a dictator that was streamed on National Television.
    Travel like you mean it and don’t just see the city, live the city with BTrip Bucharest free walking tours.
    Everything has a fascinating story, if it’s told by the right person.

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