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Top Vegetarian Restaurants in Bucharest

As you read in our article on Romanian food, the locals eat a lot of meat.
In the usual Romanian restaurants almost all the main dishes contain animal produce.
It’s true: the options available for vegetarians or vegans in Bucharest are very limited, but compared to a decade ago, there are a few nice places which cater to this group.
Most of the places mentioned below are not exclusively vegetarian, but offer some good vegetarian dishes:



Rawdia is a vegetarian and raw-vegan restaurant with varied daily menus and plenty of tasty options.
The food is great, the place and the service are both very nice and friendly.

Rawyal Brunch & Cakes

Rawyal Brunch & Cakes

Rawyal Brunch & Cakes is also a raw-vegan restaurant that offers its clients healthy dishes from starters to main dishes to desserts, with a different daily menu.

Pukka Tukka

Pukka Tukka

Pukka Tukka is a restaurant which uses BIO produce for its recipes based on meat or on vegetables.
For those who don’t eat meat, they have soups, salads, vegetarian burgers and delicious desserts.



Simbio has a very welcoming trendy design and a fusion kitchen with many options for vegetarians.
They have a different lunch menu every day for 23 lei and good salads.


Barca restaurant

The restaurant is small and intimate, with just a few tables. If you fancy a cosy atmosphere and healthy, fresh food, this is a place to have a few meals.
Barca offers a diverse raw vegan menu with a daily lunch menu for 29 lei.

Sara Green


Sara Green is a simple trailer with vegetarian and raw-vegan food with a focus on starters and desserts.
Excellent place to try some vegan food. It’s very small but really nice inside with a friendly and fresh look.

Ostraw Vegan

Ostraw Vegan

Ostraw Vegan is a cake shop with healthy sweets for vegetarians and raw-vegans.
All the products here have no sugar, chemicals or preservatives.

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