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Colorful Bucharest Street Art Tour

Visit the most beautiful murals of Bucharest

Colorful Bucharest Street Art Tour
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Street art is much more than the “vandalism” of graffiti. The paintings that cover the Bucharest walls are proof of that.
The communist city of the past is being transformed into a bright-coloured European capital, thanks to the work of former graffers turned into talented artists.
Discover their most spectacular murals and the fascinating stories behind each one of them on a free walking tour with us.

Tour details

Availability – every Friday and Sunday

Starting time – 15:30 (3:30 PM)

Duration – 2.5 – 3 Hours

Language – English

Booking – is necessary

Price – Our free tour are based on your satisfaction. Our mission is to offer every visitor the opportunity to experience Bucharest in a different way, no matter your budget. At the end of the tour you can donate what you feel our work was worth.

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Colorful Bucharest Street Art Tour

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    Tour sights

    The Garden of Virgin Mary

    Make a point – The girl with blue hair mural

    The street full of mural art

    The Mural of Vlad the Impaler

    The graffiti star of the BBC series ‘Killing Eve’

    The Houses with Eyes Wide Shut


    Get an insight into the Romanian street art scene on a free tour

    Find out how locals and authorities see the graffiti on their walls

    Visit the most beautiful murals of Bucharest

    Discover the vision of the artists who turn the streets into their canvases

    What’s included?

    Local professional guide

    Tourist map of Bucharest.

    What to expect

    Over 30 years ago, Bucharest was a gray city, where writing on a wall could get you in trouble. Following the fall of communism, the city was transformed into an European destination for graffiti artists.
    From just a meeting point for illegal graffers, the area around Romana Square became the venue for some of the most colorful and creative street art.
    With new colorful murals each year, Bucharest became one of the most surprising and refreshing destinations for graffiti and street art lovers in Europe.
    Yet the exact location of each great mural and the sources of inspiration may remain a mystery to many visitors. Discover the hidden art pieces that provide perfect backgrounds for amateur fashion selfies and professional photo shootings alike.
    Find the link between “vandal” writings and the elaborated mural paintings, and discover the historical and mystical influences of Romanian street artists.
    This tour will be an eye-opener not just when it comes to exploring Bucharest, but also a way to get a real insight into Romanian culture, society and art.

    Gallery Colorful Bucharest Street Art  

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