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BTrip Bucharest Tours is an non-governmental organisation that was formed around the best team.
Each person in this passion project loves Bucharest so much that they volunteered as guides in order to present the history, the traditions and the best places in the city.
We would like to thank all of our guests who joined our tours so far, who reviewed us on TripAdvisor, Facebook or Google and who helped us continue thanks to all their support.



Hi there! My name is Stefania!

I studied Marketing, but I soon realised that tourism was closer to my heart, so that is why since 2013 I decided to become a full time tour guide.
In this way, I managed to combine two of my biggest passions: travelling and foreign languages.
To me, being a guide means getting the chance to be an ambassador for my city -Bucharest- and my home country, Romania, while also meeting new people and sharing experiences and ideas from different cultures.

If you are visiting Bucharest, I’d love to meet you and share the many fascinating stories about my city with you!

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Hello! My name is Maria,

I studied foreign languages (English and German) at the University of Bucharest.

One of my favorite mottos says that: “traveling leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller” (Ibn Battuta), this being precisely what happened to me after a couple of years of travels.

I became a tour guide in Bucharest, a city I know best.
A city I am passionate about, a passion I try to pass on to all those visiting Bucharest that I get to meet.

This is because I truly believe in the city and in its potential to be enjoyed by everyone.

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Hello people of the internet,
Welcome to the BTrip website!

My name is Bianca and I’m one of the guides, obviously. I come from Constance (it’s a city by the seaside–lovely place, you should visit).

I moved to Bucharest a few years ago for college, got a BA in English and then discovered BTrip by chance (thanks to the internet).

The team graciously agreed to give me a shot and I realized it’s a perfect fit. Two things I’ve always loved are human stories and roaming around the city streets.

Being a guide allowed me to discover so much more of this city’s history- it’s beautiful and intricate, yet only slightly deranged.

I hope I get to share it with you offline

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Hey there! My name is Ciprian,
My life so far has been like a constant fun journey.
I studied journalism and even though I did not get to tell stories to people by becoming a journalist, I still got the chance to be a storyteller through my work as a tour guide.
Because I want to delight those visiting Bucharest with the many great stories about how this city developed and about the people who helped shape it, I decided to join the BTrip Bucharest team.
I would love to tell you more, but it would be better to hear all of these stories live from me on the free tour.
See you there!

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Hi there, John here!

A bucharestian by birth and family tree, I came back to my city after one year as a journalist in mysterious Transylvania. I love to share with you the best places of my birth place: I am seasoning the best sights of Bucharest with the history of my country -before, during and after communism-, with my personal and family stories, as well with some of the best places to enjoy the flavours of our delicious Romanian foods and drinks.

Eager to become your guide in my city, yours truly


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Hello everyone! I am Alice,
I studied Foreign Languages (English and French) and one of the things I love most is hiking. If there were a road that could led by foot from the Earth to the Moon, I would take it.
I love discovering new places, listening to people’s stories during my travels, but also telling stories of my own.

Because of this, I am a guide and a part of the BTrip Bucharest free tour team.
I want to share the story of Bucharest, of its amazing buildings and parks with you and to bring it closer to your hearts.

That is why I invite you to my tours!

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Hi everyone!

I’m Cristina and I have a passion for life and for knowledge of all kinds.

My ideal day would be spent in nature, a place where the mountains meet the sea.
But that doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy the “big city life” as well.
I like contrasts and diversity, which can be easily found in the urban areas.
Needless to say, I love history, travelling, literature, and being around people from all around the world.

This explains why I’ll be happy to share with you the story of Bucharest, my hometown.

Welcome to the journey!

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Hi! My name is Beatrice and I am passionate about tourism, travelling, people and vibes.

I am ready to take you back in time and share to you a little piece of our past and of my soul.

I finished Accounting and Computer Science faculty, but instead of dealing with numbers I discovered that humans are actually the ones who make me spark.

That is why I am here today: because I love to be surrounded by life and energy.

Come with me to enjoy information, feelings, laughs and friendship

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Hi there! My name is Virgil!

I have moved in Bucharest 10 years ago and I was quite startled by the buzzing city, the massive buildings and the wide boulevards.

Later, I started to become interested and read about the history of the places and buildings in the historical center and I soon realized that the city has a lot of fascinating stories to tell to the tourists who visit it.

You should join one of our tours to discover these unique places and buildings that are worth seeing.

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Dear Traveler,

If you are reading this you are probably on your way to or you are already in Bucharest.

As you, I am a traveler and I love so much to travel that in the year 2017 I decided to change my job: I switched from being a legal consultant to a travel consultant. In September 2018, I finally found my place within this amazing community of beautiful and special people: B-Trip Bucharest Free Walking Tour!

It will be my great pleasure to guide you in time and space inside (what I call) the City of Joy!
Please join us and you will definitely experience a joyful moment in my hometown!

A big happy smile,


P.S. Happiness in the Heart, Joy on the Way!

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