Explore Bucharest, its stories and history from the Middle Ages to Communism

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    • 3 – 4 Hours
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Founded almost 600 years ago, the city of Bucharest has had a very tumultous past marked by wars, foreign occupations, fires, earthquakes, plagues and violent regimes. However, all these events in its history have also made Bucharest what it is today: an eclectic interesting place full of history at each step.

On this 3-hour walking tour of the center of Bucharest you will discover how this city has developed starting from the bloody rule of Dracula in the Middles Ages all the way to the brutal changes made by the communist dictator Nicolae Ceausescu.


  • See the most important historical places in Bucharest
  • Discover the medieval history of Bucharest by walking through the Old Town
  • Find out everything about the legend of Vlad Dracula
  • Learn about the most famous buildings from the communist regime in Romania
  • Enjoy a typical Romanian drink in a charming local cafe


Unirii Square fountains

Hanul lui Manuc

Dracula’s Old Court – Vlad the Impaler

Stavropoleus Church

Calea Victoriei Avenue

Villacrosse Passage

National Bank of Romania

University Square


Revolution Square

Tour Description

This walking tour around the center of Bucharest will reveal the intriguing past of this city which developed from a medieval commercial town with a fortress to a large modern city. Discover old and new Bucharest on a relaxing walk with a guide who will detail the important events, regimes and people from the history of Bucharest and explain the stories behind the fascinating buildings in the Old Town and on the famous Calea Victoriei street.

The tour starts

The tour starts in Bucharest’s biggest square – Piata Unirii. Like most of central Bucharest, this is a place that was transformed completely at the command of the communist dictator Nicolae Ceausescu who decided in the 1980s to have the gigantic Palace of the Parliament constructed nearby – the largest administrative building in Europe. From the square you’ll also admire the wide avenue leading to the palace, a long string of lovely fountains and get a real feel of the fast-moving life in Bucharest.

The tour starts

The next stop is in the Old Town, which takes you back to the slow-paced quiet life from the city’s past. This is the best preserved historical area in Bucharest, featuring ruins of fortifications, 300-year old Orthodox churches, 19th century merchant houses, superb French style palaces and banks. On the cobblestone streets you will get to learn how this city was established during the Middles Ages. You’ll delve into the accounts of medieval battles and the life story of one of the most gruesome characters in history – Vlad Dracula -, while stopping by his former fortress.

The tour starts

Throughout the Old Town, you’ll be surprised to find an eclectic mix of buildings which were influenced by both the style from the West and from the East. For this reason, Bucharest was nicknamed ‘Paris of the East‘. Stops on the tour at places like Manuc’s Inn, the National Bank of Romania and the Stavropoleos Monastery will strongly emphasize this fascinating characteristic of the city. Besides this, you’ll be charmed by the lively atmosphere in this quarter which has witnessed a great revival in the last years with many welcoming restaurants, cafes and shops that have opened.

The tour starts

In the second half of the tour, you will have a 30-minute break in the restaurant with the best view of Bucharest from above, where you will enjoy a typical Bucharest drink and a panorama of the city center.

The tour starts

After the break, the tours takes you along the oldest street in the city – Calea Victoriei, where you can admire superb Belle Epoque constructions from the time of the Romanian monarchy like the CEC Palace, the Military Circle, the University Library. However, it is also on Calea Victoriei that both the monarchy and communism ended in Romania. Stories about what life was like for people living in communist Bucharest will make you understand how much control the regime exercised over the locals’ lives. The tour finishes in Revolution Square with the story of Ceausescu’s life and ultimate downfall in December 1989 when his speech from the balcony of the Central Committee turned into protests which eventually overturned his regime and marked the beginning of a new era – democratic Romania.

Tour Starting point

Unirii Square

in the park, near the fountains

Bucharest Free tour

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Tour Ending point

Revolution Square

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  • Local professional guide
  • Tourist map of Bucharest
  • Coffee or drink at a local cafe
  • Traditional Romanian souvenir

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