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Best of Restaurants with Romanian cuisine in Bucharest

From the article on Romanian food  you know what are the tastiest traditional Romanian dishes. However, unless you are a guest in a local household, you will need to go to a restaurant to try those goodies. Here are the top restaurants with Romanian cuisine located centrally in Bucharest and also near the route of the BTrip Bucharest free walking tour:

Hanu’ Berarilor has two locations: Strada Poenaru Bordea 2 (near Piata Unirii) or Bulevardul Pache Protopopescu 51 (about 10 minutes away from Piata Iancului) and both offer good quality Romanian food, services and a vintage atmosphere thanks to the old buildings that house them.

Lacrimi si Sfinti (Strada Sepcari 16 in the Old Town) is owned by a well-known Romanian poet, Mircea Dinescu, and offers delicious traditional dishes made of produces from the owner’s organic farm located neal the Danube river.

Hanul lui Manuc (Strada Franceza 62-64 in the Old Town) is located in a 200-year old inn made in the caravanserai style, the last one in Europe. Eating here is a pleasant experience especially on a summer day when the local musicians are playing in the courtyard and they are serving mici from the grill set up outside.

Caru cu Bere (Strada Stavropoleos 5 in the Old Town) is probably the most famous restaurant in Bucharest thanks to its impressive Baroque style and its atmosphere. The place is almost always packed with tourists but also locals and it’s an experience to eat here. But if you plan on dining here in the evening or on weekends, consider making a reservation.

Crama Domneasca (Strada Selari 13-15 in the Old Town) has an old-style decor where music is played live in the weekend evening and the portions of traditional Romanian food are truly generous.

City Grill (Strada Covaci 19 in the Old Town) is the place where you can find the biggest selection of mici (sheep, beef, pork and a mix from each type) that are cooked on a grill in front of you. Besides this, they have great lunch offers at convenient prices.

La Placinte  present in various locations; is a chain of restaurants that originally started out in the Republic of Moldova and extended to Romania, where it offers popular Romanian (and some Moldovan) food as well as a wide variety of pies at affordable prices.

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