Top 10 clubs in Bucharest.


Haven’t you heard?

Bucharest is a city that never sleeps, but instead parties hard.

Yes, Bucharest has one of the best nightlife scenes not just in Europe, but in the world. Once night arrives, the clubs all over the city fill up.

People in Bucharest simply love to party and to dance. Here you can have a good time basically every night of the week. The partying begins around 11 PM and goes on wildly until the early hours of the morning. The many clubs in Bucharest cater to all musical tastes as well as budgets.

We tell you this from experience. As locals, the guides from the BTrip Bucharest Free Walking Tours have enjoyed quite a few nights out in Bucharest. That is why we decided to compile a list of the best clubs. This way we are sure you will make the most of Bucharest’s famous nightlife.

Most clubs are situated in the center of Bucharest. However, there are some cool spots in other areas too. Regardless of the duration of your stay in Bucharest, a visit to at least one of these top clubs is a must:

Drunken Lords

The Drunken Lords
(Intrarea Nicolae Șelari 3-5): tucked away in one of the old passages from the Old Town, this club has a great atmosphere and plays music of all types as long as it’s danceable

(Strada Selari 17): it’s more like a small pub than a club, but the music is fantastic and so are their drinks. This is the place where you should start your night out. Or end the night, especially if you are in need of a shot to wake you up.

Nomad Sky Bar
Nomad Sky Bar
(Smaradan 30): the best cocktails in Bucharest are here. Also the decor is incredible accompanied by equally stunning panoramic views over the Old Town and fabulous music.

(Strada Selari 9): one0 of the staple clubs in Bucharest’s Old Town, it has something for every person. Here you can go for tasty tapas, live music, cabaret or burlesque shows. The club is usually packed, but this is what makes the atmosphere so lively.

InterbelicInterbelic(Calea Victoriei 17): if you are into partying with your friends to old tunes from the ’80s and the ’90s, then this is the club for you. You will find a fun colorful interior, friendly bartenders and good vibes.

(Strada Gabroveni 14): this is one of the most authentic clubs in Bucharest. It is loved by locals and tourists alike. They organize karaoke every night, live concerts on weekends and it’s a place where you both hang out and party hard. Not to mention that the prices are very affordable.

ControlControl bucharest(Strada Constantin Mille 4): the most famous club for electronic music and the best venue for concerts of underground local or international bands. If you are on a budget, go on Tuesdays when everything is at half price.

J’ai Bistrot j'ai bistrot bucharest(Calea Grivitei 55): one of the most relaxed places in Bucharest where you can feel the cultural vibe of the city. If you want to party and make friends with locals, come here on summer weekends.

B52 and FabricaB52 and Fabrica
(Strada 11 Iunie 50): it’s a dream to have two amazing clubs in one location. Here you can enjoy a beer on the terrace, see a live rock concert and dance the night away on modern beats. They also have some of the best prices in Bucharest.

Fratelli Social ClubFratelli Social Club(Strada Glodeni): standing in a picturesque location by the lake, this place is both restaurant and club. It’s a perfect hang out spot for young professionals and music enthusiasts thanks to their frequent concerts.