Bucharest Spotlight – International Light Festival 12 – 15 April 2018

If you are in Bucharest this week, there are plenty of interesting things you can do to enjoy the most that the city can offer: join the BTrip Free Walking Tours to learn more about the history and culture of Bucharest, taste the local food, walk through the parks in bloom and take part in the biggest light festival in Bucharest.

At the end of this week in April 2018, between the 12th – 15th of April, the nights in Bucharest will be brighter and more colorful thanks to the Spotlight Festival.

This is the 4th annual Bucharest International Light Festival and it will definitely be an event made to impress.

Since its beginning in the year 2015, the Spotlight Festival has consistently gathered more than 150,000 participants over the course of four days of festival in each of its editions.

There will be tens of installations, architectural projections and video mappings from artists based in various countries like: Germany, Hungary, Slovakia, Finland, Czech Republic, Poland, France, Austria, and Romania. All these installations will be there to transform through light Bucharest’s representative historical buildings in the center of the city – University Central Library, Romanian National Museum of Arts, Odeon Theater, National Military Circle, CEC Palace.

The theme of the festival is “United We Shine” and the projects will convey the notion of solidarity, and furthermore explore the connection arisen between people and cities, between different cultures and ethnicity, facades and art, darkness and light.

There will be a winning team of the festival, which will be chosen by the public who can vote online during the festival days. The most ellaborate artistic light projections can be seen every day between the 12th – 15th of April at the CEC Palace (Calea Victoriei 13) from 20:30 (8:30 PM).

As a part of the Spotlight Festival, the participants will also get the chance to discover and enjoy the many delicios flavours of Romanian food at the Food Truck Festival.

During the four days of festival, dozens of trucks with Romanian street food will fill up two main squares in the center of Bucharest: George Enescu Square and Universitate Square. That means that you will find plenty of good urban food at affordable prices while walking around the fascinating and historically rich area of Central Bucharest.

The schedule of the Food Truck Festival is in the afternoon starting from Thursday, the 12th of April, and ending on Sunday, the 15th of April. Find more details and updates about the Food Truck Festival on their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/events/240839026484980/.

Check out the incredible photographs from the previous editions and many more details about the Spotlight Festival in Bucharest on the official website: https://spotlightfestival.ro/en/.

Most of the buildings along the route of the BTrip Free Walking Tours  will be lit by the special projections. That is why we recommend that you get to see them during the day  on one of our free walking tours in Bucharest and witness how they transform during the night.

BTrip Bucharest Free Walking Tour © FOTO: Petru Ivu