Therme Bucharest. How to get to by car or by bus. Prices

therme bucharest

If you are in Bucharest and are looking for a nice place to relax for a few hours or even a whole day, the perfect spot is Therme.

What is Therme?

Well, as the name points out, it’s a huge venue with thermal water.

Here you will find over 10 swimming pools with hot thermal water, exciting water slides and various themed wet and dry saunas. Everythings is inside a huge dome that is decorated with hundreds of exotic flowers and trees.

The reason we strongly recommend Therme is because all the guides and members working at the BTrip Bucharest Free Walking Tour have been here several times and thoroughly enjoyed each moment of the experience.

A day at Therme makes you feel like you go on an exotic holiday somewhere far away from Bucharest.

So, where is Therme?

Because of its enormous surface and the requirement to extract thermal water from the underground.Therme is located outside of Bucharest. Is in the Northen part of the city, 25 km from the city center and around 5 km further North from the Otopeni Airport.

There are two ways you can reach Therme: by car or by bus.

If you take your private car, you can enter the following address on the GPS. Calea Bucuresti 1K, Balotesti, 077015 and drive along the DN1 Soseaua Bucuresti – Ploiesti. If you choose to take a taxi or UBER from the center of Bucharest, the ride will cost around 50 – 70 RON (11 – 15 Euro).

However, there is a way you can get to Therme for free by using the bus. There are free buses provided by Therme which run every day.

The first bus station on the route of the Therme bus is Piata Romana.

The other bus stations in Bucharest are: Piata Victoriei, Arcul de Triumf, Piata Presei, Antena 1, Otopeni. Each bus station being signalled with the Therme logo.

The free bus runs every two hours starting at 9 AM and ending its daily programme at 00:00, at midnight.

You can check the exact schedule of the Therme bus here:

For more information about Therme, the cost of entry and what you should take with you, check out their official website:

Therme has different price packages according to how much time you spend there.

For example, in the morning you can take our free walking tour in Bucharest and discover the city, after which, at noon, you can head for Therme and just chill.

You will definitely enjoy this experience!

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