Things to do in Bucharest when it rainys?

Nobody is happy when it rains. Especially if it’s also cold and you are travelling. A lot of rain means that most of your travel plans will be ruined. No more strolling in the parks, no more enjoying the historical avenues or visiting open air museums.
But that doesn’t mean there is nothing interesting that you can do instead while you are in Bucharest. The city is packed with museums, great shops and other fascinating places where you can enjoy your time even when it’s raining outside.

1. Museums
There are a few museums which you should not miss while in Bucharest and fortunately they are all located close to Metro stations, making your walk outside to reach them not very long.
– Palatul Primaverii: the former house where Romanian dictator, Nicolae Ceausescu, lived with his family for around 25 years, this place shows how lavish the lifestyle of an absolute leader can be. You will get to see their bedrooms, luxurious bathrooms, spa and huge wardrobe. Guided visits in English cost 45 lei and it’s a good idea to reserve your spot. Check out their website for more details
– National Art Museum: located in the former Royal Palace of the Romanian Royal Family, this museum is perfect for those who love art, be it Romanian or European. Check out the exact days when it’s open here
– Grigore Antipa Natural History Museum: the first museum to feature dioramas in the world, it is a fun place to discover nature for kids and adults alike. It is closed on Mondays, but otherwise open from morning until the evening. You can find the exact schedule here:

2. Book shops
Bucharest has one of the loveliest book shops out there! They are so adorable, cosy and filled with many cool things, you will end up spending hours chilling in the places below:
Carturesti Carusel: the largest book store in Romania, this place is a work of art. The building housing it stands in the middle of the Old Town area, sells everything from books in various languages, music, DVDs, tea cups, bags and even has a nice little bistro if you get hungry.
Carturesti Verona: the first book shop from the Carturesti company, it is still a favorite for many Bucharest locals who want to get away from the busy city life for an hour or more. They play some really great music on the loud speakers inside.

3. Coffee shops
Romanians love coffee and not just in the morning, but for many moments in the day. That is why there are plenty of superb places where you can enjoy a perfect cup of coffee and warm up from the cold weather outside. Check out our special article about the best coffee shops in Bucharest here:

4. Shopping
This is a favorite activity for locals on weekends and that means there are plenty of big shopping malls to choose from. Even if most are located outside the city center, many of them are close to Metro stations, so easy to reach if you take a ride with the Metro. The shopping malls we would recommend in Bucharest are:

– Unirea Shopping Center at Piata Unirii
– AFI Cotroceni Mall near the Politehnica Metro station in the West
– Sun Plaza Shopping Center near the Piata Sudului Metro station in the South
– Promenada near Aurel Vlaicu Metro station in the North

5. Free Walking Tour
I know it might appear as a strange choice, but even if you have to spend time outside on a free walking tour, the tours we organize – BTrip Bucharest Free Walking Tour – take care that when it’s rainy, our guests only stand under roofs during the presentation. However, you will have to get out in the rain a bit and this is during the walk between the stops on the tour. But, be sure that in 2,5 hours you will learn a lot about the city and its rich history. Don’t remember to bring an umbrella with you, rain proof shoes and you will be OK.
This being said, we hope you will not experience a lot of rain while in Bucharest. After all, Bucharest is one of the driest placeas in Romania with plenty of sunshine all year round.

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