Where to eat the something sweet in Bucharest

When it comes to cakes or ice cream or chocolate, it’s clear that Romanians have a sweet tooth. Why? Well, because we have so many cake shops in Bucharest which offer a wide variety of sweets that makes it so hard to choose just one thing.

The neighborhoods are filled with good quality cakery, but it’s the center of Bucharest where you will find the best. And, that’s good news, because the central area features the largest number of historical buildings and you can also join a free walking tour in Bucharest to learn their stories.

After walking through Bucharest, if you happen to feel that your sugar level is dropping, all you need to do is check our list below of the most recommended cakeries, stop at one (or several) of these places and grab something sweet:

1. Capsa : (Calea Victoriei nr. 36) is the oldest cake shop in Bucharest and, for a long time, was one of the most famous in the whole country. Many famous people – artists, politicians, royalty – ate here over its past 160 years of history, so it’s worth seeing at least for this fact. They have a large variety, but the ones that you must try are: the Joffre cake and savarina, two Romanian sweets which have been enjoyed for many decades especially at Capsa.

2. French Revolution : (Strada Constantin Esarcu nr.1, near the Romanian Athenaeum building, so the starting point of the BTrip Bucharest Free Walking Tour) is a revolutionary place, in the good and sugar-filled way. These people have the best eclairs in Bucharest! And it’s not just us saying this but thousands who tried them. Their recipes are French inspired that they use the best ingredients, so this might be the reason for such mouth-watering eclairs that cannot get enough of.

3. Chocolat : (Strada Episcopiei 6, right behind the Romanian Athenaeum) is actually more of a cafe that also offers many kinds of (especially) chocolate-based cakes that you can eat while sipping a fantastic coffee and relaxing in the laid-back friendly atmosphere from their location. The emphasis is on quality and they deliver exactly that in all that the Chocolat prepares and offers their customers. If you stay in the area, you will want to return.

4. Agapitos :  is a chain of cake shops distributed in various part from the center and north of Bucharest. The most central location that they have, however, is at B-dul Corneliu Coposu nr.4, bl. 105A, near Piata Unirii. At this venue, you will find a few tables where you can enjoy one or more of their delicious sweets ranging from French, Italian, Romanian and Greek. The ones we would recommend are the Greek influenced cakes, since this has been Agapitos’ focus from the beginning and you really feel like you are tasting a slice of Greece even though you are in Bucharest.

5. Zoomserie :  (Strada Sfanta Vineri nr.23) has prepared over 700 types of cakes and ice cream in its 25 years of existence and the fact that it has developed a faithful clientele is a proof that it cooks them all very well. Their location near Piata Unirii is in the line of typical Romanian cake shops: small, with a few tables, but cosy.

6. Cremeria Emilia : (strada Franceza 42, in the Old Town) has opened less than 2 years ago and, yet, it quickly established itself as the best place to have an ice cream in Bucharest. And this is quite obvious, since their ice cream is based on the famous Italian gelato: it’s creamy, refreshing and sweet and absolutely all you had hoped for from an ice cream. No wonder this place is always full, even in winter!

7. Zexe Braserie : is an exquisite cake shop that brings back old Romanian recipes cooked in the Interwar years, a glamorous period in our history when Bucharest had many reputed cake shops recognized even in France. This cake shop will let you taste some very elegant exquisite sweets just like they were made in the good old days.

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