Top Tea Houses in Bucharest

Romanians love their cup of coffee especially in the morning or in the afternoon. Besides this, you may also find out where they like to serve their coffee. These locations are actually rather close to where our daily Bucharest free walking tour takes place. 

But what if you don’t like coffee and you simply want to try a cup of tea in the relaxing atmosphere of a tea house? Lucky for you, there are some great places you should pay a visit to for the best tea experience in Bucharest.

Camera din Fata (str. Mendeleev 22) is a small place but with a lot of personality and a cosy atmosphere, the kind you would like to find wherever you go. Also if you really enjoyed your tea, you can buy it from the shop and serve it at home.

Infinitea (str. Dr. Grigore Romniceanu 7, ap. 2) is the definition of a romantic place. This tea house may not be situated in the center of Bucharest, but a visit here is something you will remember for a long time, wishing to return.

Green Tea (str.Dr. Burghelea 24) is one of those memorable places regardless of the weather. It features 4 rooms influenced by different cultures (Japanese, Indian, Parisian), a shaded terrace and a shop filled with many types of tea.

Bohemia Tea House (str. Poiana Narciselor 1) is located in a house with a welcoming attic near the Conservatory of Music. It offers a relaxing intimate atmosphere, perfect for a chat, a book or for a board game (you will find the latter in their shelves). At the end of the trip you can also buy something for later from their shop.

Rendez-Vous  (two locations: near Universitate or in the Floreasca quarter) is one of the oldest tea houses in Bucharest. The lights are dim, the music is low and all these will help you have a perfect moment of relaxation and silence away from the loudness of the big city.

Bernschutz&Co Tea  (str. Ion Nistor 6 across the Universitate building) offers premium tea in a small yet cosy place that has everything one needs for a nice cup of tea.

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