Top Cafes in Bucharest

As you may learn from our daily Bucharest free walking tour, the Romanian city that has been described as ‘little Paris’ or ‘Paris of the East’ and just like in Paris, coffee culture in Bucharest is well developed and lively.

The first coffee shop opened here as early as the 17th century when Bucharest was under the domination of the Ottoman Empire, places like becoming more and more popular throughout the centuries culminating with the French style cafés from the Interwar years before the rise of Communism put a stop to all these habits.

However, this was not the end as the last decade has seen the rise of the concept of cafés which educate the public in enjoying coffee not just a simple drink, but a way of life.

Here are some of the coolest cafés in terms of coffee quality, design and atmosphere, all of which are centrally located in Bucharest:

Origo (str. Lipscani 9, Bucharest 050971) is a small yet very popular coffeeshop located very close to the Old Town.

M60 (str. Mendeleev 2, Bucharest 030167) is a cosy little café with a great Scandinavian design that brings together groups of artists and other people from the creative fields.

Steam Coffee Shop (str. Visarion 2 near the intersection with Blvd. Dacia) is small but offers fantastic cups of coffee to help you start your day in a fab way.

Orygyns Specialty Coffee (str. Jules Michelet 12, Bucharest 010463) offers roasted coffee from different places in a location with an eye-catching design.

5 to Go is a fast growing chain of small coffeeshops. The concept is simple: everything in the store costs only 5 lei (less than 1.20 EUR!) and it’s usually to go, since there is little space inside. Despite the low price, the quality is high and this explains their incredible success.

French Bakery will remind you of Paris: sick a nice coffee and a croissant on a quiet cobblestone. Luckily, you can feast yourself in several locations.

Bloom Specialty Coffee (str. George Vraca 7) is a friendly spot that smells and tastes amazing.

Cremier (str. Benjamin Franklin 5) offers two of the best things in life: great coffee and delicious icecream. The other good news? It’s located near the meeting point of our free walking tour, so right behind the Athenaeum building!

Coftale (str. Profesor Stefan Mihaileanu 42): enjoy the flavour of high quality coffee in a friendly environment with passionate people.

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