Public toilets in Bucharest

This is probably not a topic you were expecting to find in the local tips section, but if you think about it more, it’s so important.

If you’re visiting Bucharest in the warm season, when the sun is shining, you’ll want to spend most of your time outside: walking around the small streets with cobblestone or the crowded boulevards, taking photos of the old beautiful architecture, chilling on a bench in a park or joining a free walking tour in Bucharest, at one point nature will call, so you will need to find a public toilet.

In order to help you, we have compiled a list of where you will find decent clean public toilets if you are in the center of Bucharest. Before we start, let us just tell you that generally you do not have to pay any fee to use them, if they are booths, while there is a tax of 1-2 lei, if the toilets exist inside a building and an employee is responsible with taking care of them.

Firsthand, every park in Bucharest has at least one toilet. The bigger the park, the higher the number of such places. For example, the most central and nice park in Bucharest is called Cismigiu. Very close to the main entrance from the boulevard, you will spot them. In case you’re not sure how the public toilets usually look like in Bucharest, check out the photos uploaded in this article.

Secondly, there are free public toilets inside the following metro stations: Piata Unirii, Universitate, Piata Victoriei, all of which are located in the central area.

The good news is that they are accessible to everyone and not just to the people using the metro. If instead, you also want to use the metro to go somewhere else after that, for advice you can check our article on the public transportion system in Bucharest here- Travelling by Public Transport in Bucharest

Should you find yourself near the main train station – Gara de Nord -, you are lucky. There are public toilets there and others located inside the fast food restaurants.

In the Piata Unirii area, they are located on the hill with the Patriarchal Church as well as in the small park in the middle of the intersection.

If you are walking on the Calea Victoriei, around the Romanian Athenaeum, the former Royal Palace or the Revolution Square, there are two possibilities: either look for the public toilets in the parking lot near the Athenaeum or go to the red brick church – Kretulescu Church – and find the other ones close by.

All in all, we hope this article comes in useful during your fun walks through the streets of Bucharest. Our recommendation is the following: if you are in doubt, always ask a local. Or look out for a Bucharest walking tour and ask the guide. Lots of fun in Bucharest! 

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